Tyre fitting/repair

Need tyres fitting/balancing? We have a tyre machine with protective fittings specifically made for changing motorcycle tyres and a balancer capable of static and dynamic balancing of motorcycle wheels to ensure no vibration or wobble from your new tyre. We are also able to permanently repair most punctures using heavy duty patches and plugs fitted from inside the tyre. 

Our services


From basic oil/filter changes to major servicing with valve adjustment. We can also reset service lights and carry out advanced diagnostics on the engine management, abs, traction control systems and more, using our workshop software. 

For motorcycles still under warranty, we use genuine parts to ensure no warranty claims are effected. 

Dyno tuning and ECU flashing.

After many years of tuning via on board gauges, in 2020 we invested in our very own in house Dyno. Our Dyno is built within it’s very own test cell complete with unique 200 mm dual inlet fans drawing clean air into our booth that are extremely powerful. This allows us to carry out high load testing with our eddy brake Dynapro Dyno and keeping the motorcycle within safe operating limits. 

Unfortunately many newer motorcycles are heavily restricted and poorly setup due to strict emission laws. This can lead to an unpleasant riding experience that feels harsh and snatchy. 

We can rewrite the fuel maps and many other parameters inside the ECU, specifically to suit the individual motorcycle and rider. More details can be found here

Suspension setup

Whether you are a fast road rider looking for more feel or the current setup is too harsh, we can help. With previous race experience and links to experts currently supporting the British championships, we can setup, rebuild or upgrade your suspension.